Apple Lion Mobile Device Management and iOS mass deployment with Apple Configurator

With all the iOS devices and Mac becoming so popular, IT has a significant difficult job these days to manage and control these devices.

Although there are many third party MDM solutions available in the market, I tend to stick to Mac OS X Lion Server with it’s inbuilt MDM solution.

Configuring Lion MDM is very easy and once again Apple has proved how convenient it’s to take control of all your devices at once and have a central point of management.

Along with Lion MDM, Apple Configurator is a fantastic tool. It let’s you register all the iOS devices in one shot with Trust Profile of MDM, which in turn makes it painless for Admins to do mass deployment.

Lion MDM is a one-stop shop for making different Configurations or Profiles. These profiles can have different Payloads. It gives the granularity as much as desired depending upon the specific needs.

Apple Configurator has a fantastic and easy to use interface where Admins can define Profiles with specific Payloads to be installed on devices, they can create Workflows to restore the device from Backup, the iOS version can be checked if it’s up to date or has to be updated. Along with all these, Apps can be installed on the devices right from Apple Configurator.