Records Management - Needs and requirements 2

Another Example

Currently, there’re reports in the newspapers about an IKEA shopping centre here in Switzerland that just opened recently and a court case that looks at the apparent damages on its new construction. There’s a direct link to my last blog. Although, the connection may not be so obvious, the topic of liability law underpins this story. And this is crucial regarding questions on archiving business relevant documents. Because it demonstrates how important needs and requirements are - both external and internal - when you need to decide what you want to keep for how long. Exactly for this reason it is not enough to merely keep to compliance as a driver of records management; to use a careful risk assessment may proof to be the better choice in many cases.

Let’s assume in our case that the jury was sufficiently furnished with the required documents because the case only just happened. Now, you still need to consider how you actually keep such documents, sometimes on a long term scale. That’s where the technical ability starts to maintain such documents in all formats and shapes for the required time. This is the moment you want to rely on a solution that can live up to your needs.