Simply Complex

A cultural history contribution from the silly season

Documenting and archiving is as old as any storage medium found like the hieroglyphics demonstrate for example. Then we witnessed how paper over time was established as the prime medium for data storage for centuries. The technical innovation of printing lead to a significant increase in document production. But paper stayed paper and you were obliged to use it if you wanted to document something for the future. Then came a succession of media turns: Photography, film, radio and television. Now the physical document was no longer paper based and storing audio or visual documents became increasingly more demanding.

We managed all of that in a cumbersome way – more or less. But then came the digital turn – a sheer unimaginable revolution in any qualitative and quantitative dimension. And since then, nothing seems like the times before. The digital age is both a blessing and a curse: There’s an uncontrollable information overflow on the one hand and yet there’re technical advantages we wouldn’t want to miss any more .