More than Records Management - Part 1

About Governance and Responsibilities

As invitations to various records management conventions keep trickling in it’s worth to cast a look at some of the industries favorite topics of the season. ARMA  spreads a Records Management is simply not enough. You need Information Governance across the title page of its monthly publication Information Management. This is more than a slogan. It aims at clarifying a general assumption that records management really only entails the proper filing of records. A mere clerical job. Nothing wrong with that. But before you reach the practical task of filing you should consider the framework you set up to implement, steer and control the processes along doing records management. I’m talking roles and responsibilities, risks and exposures, liabilities and ownership.

That’s what governance stands for. It lays the foundation for the daily chore of maintaining your business records. It governs what you keep and what you toss, it determines retention and destruction, it steers processes and assigns the responsibilities.

But really, information governance is much more. More geek next week, stay tuned!

1 ARMA is a professional association and the authority on managing records and information. It was established in 1955 in the USA. It runs chapters in more than 30 countries. An ARMA Swiss Chapter was established in 2011.