More than Records Management – Part 2

Filing and the Value Chain

Where does actually information come in when we talk records management and related governance? Introducing the term information in the world of records management means focusing at the value of your records. Because technically, a record is any data, physically or electronically, stored in a compliant matter when no longer part of the business process. But these records can also be a source of information; even more, they can be a real business asset and should be treated as such.

So there’s more than the compliance part. Ideally, we look at a companies’ information needs, that is all documented information a company receives or creates along its business process. Some of that needs to be retained, some of it can dismissed. But you keep it accessible and retrievable in order to tap into your companies resources and reuse it in your value chain.

See, that’s when the governance part comes back in again. It spans over the entire business process and is not just limited at the end of it when records are filed.