More than Records Management – Part 3

Swiss Government changes records management requirement

Below the radar screen

Below the radar screen is the term used by a professional colleague when commenting on changes made to the Swiss Ordinances on Bookkeeping that regulates records management effective January 1st, 2013. Without further ado, the Swiss Government simply eliminated any reference to correspondence from the wording argu-ing that it many cases, correspondence adds nothing to the findings related to bookkeeping and accounting. An astonishing act! The same colleague asks himself honestly how proof of evidence is possible at all in this case. How can business decisions be explained and made plausible if you cannot rely on underpinning correspondence? At any rate it is not advisable to only comply with the Swiss regulations and drop archiving of correspondence (emails!). In any court case evidence is easier reconstructed with the help of correspondence.

It’s not necessarily best practice records management that the officials suggest in this case. But what are the consequences? What should be and what needs to kept now? What can be dumped? I’ll look into some an-swers as this blog goes on.