Why Document Management?

Do I need it?

In today’s world the problem is not lack of information, but overflow of information. In olden days we had Post, Fax and only one or two other ways to get documents or communicate both for business and private reason. Today with internet and other ways of communication booming up, it actually has made much more difficult to manage documents or flow of information.

So this brings us to the point, what is Document Management and why do I need it? Any information which is required for your business either paper or bit is a document which contains information to handle your business. How fast this information is retrievable will decide how efficient you work.

The main objective of any Document Management is: CRE
•    Cut operating cost
•    Reduce overheads
•    Eliminate waste

Let’s look at an example, my name is Sahil Sharma and when there is information related to me, following are few ways how people will file it in their File records
•    Sahil Sharma
•    SSharma
•    Sharma sahil
•    SSahil

I am sure you can think of many other possible ways, but the point is that we all think and relate the same information in different ways. The entire above mentioned are correct ways because they relate to the information we would be looking for. This is great when only one person is filing and looking for information or there is very little data, but we all know that is never the case.

The real problem starts when we are actually working and we need to find something, like when a client is calling or Boss is under stress and needs something real quick. How many times have we thought, only if I could find the information real quick? We all promise ourselves at those moments that next time I will follow a principal and make sure that I am consistent in what I am doing. Another frustration is about your colleagues, who follow their own principal which is not as you would have expected during that stressful moment.

So after all this we decide that something has to be done. We arrange for a Team Meeting, make some nice PowerPoint Slides outlining the challenges we are facing, what are the consequences and how we should overcome.

Trust me, this all will never work and you again wasted a few useful hours and the only thing you did was annoyed your colleagues as you just told them what they are doing wrong.

Why I say it won’t work is because you failed to identify the root cause of the problem. The problem was not that we all didn’t know how to streamline the data (ok, to some extent that is correct), but the main reason was that there was no way to control what we decided. You can’t stand behind everyone’s desk and look what they are doing or keep a track of who didn’t follow the principal in naming or filing the document. So this brings us to the point, we have a Document Management Strategy, which everyone agrees to, we are sure it will benefit us and we know it’s critical for our business to implement it.

And to achieve all of the above you need Document Management.