How much Records Management would you like?

Know your own needs!

Incidentally, the very same colleague I quoted the last time asked a honest question in his own blog just before Christmas. He wonders if traditional records management is fading out. Who cares about the distinction between a document and a record, he says and adds, “we just have to ask how long we need it, why we need it, how and how much we use it and what is permitted while we have it?” What I like about this provocative statement is the fact that it directs the focus on the very processes of filing, retrieving, archiving etc. The pragmatic process steps otherwise captioned under the term records management. I also feel that it might be a good mental exercise to ask these simple questions in order to gain some clarity and understanding of your own requirements. I might work better than being under the spell of achieving compliance all the time (without neglecting the importance of it).

But there’s a problem: You will not be able to ask these questions every time you do some sort of records management. You have to rely on some guidance, even if it’s just for the sake of quality assurance. And that’s where best practice records management comes in again - but closer to your own needs!