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Jetix Europe Properties S.à.r.l. Luxembourg, Zurich Branch

Jetix Europe Properties S.à.r.l. Luxembourg, Zurich Branch

Laserfiche enabled us to significantly reduce the time our staff spent with tedious paper work. igeeks made big promises when they showed us the software in the first demo, but I am pleased to say that they delivered more than they committed. The rather complex process of implementation and the user trainings were also handled very smoothly.

Laserfiche Deployment

Jetix Europe Properties S.à.r.l. Luxembourg, Zurich Branch is a branch office of the Luxembourg-based Jetix head office. The Jetix Group used to be majority-controlled by the Walt Disney Company which has meanwhile become the 100%-shareholder.

Initial Situation

Jetix was the largest pan-european TV channel exploitation company for children's TV programs with offices in most major European countries. The Zurich branch was responsible for all accounting matters. As a result of the full takeover of Jetix by Disney all exploitation activities were taken over by the latter, which led to a drastic reduction of activities at the Zurich Branch.

In 2008, when the office was still fully active, a large output of various types of documents (accounting spreadsheets, legal agreements, correspondence) was generated every day. In order to streamline the workflow and increase the efficiency, an electronic document management solution was deemed increasingly necessary. The plan was for all European offices to have online access to the documents created and stored in Zurich.


After a number of consultations with igeeks GmbH, a complete solution was designed with Laserfiche.

Using a high-velocity scanner the documents were scanned directly into Laserfiche by the office staff. In case of standardized documents with fixed layouts (invoices, bank statements, etc.), indexation was fully automated with Laserfiche Quick Fields. Laserfiche automatically recognized the specific layouts of standard documents. This data was then extracted in order to auto-populate the individual documents metadata fields in Laserfiche. In case of non-standardized documents (such as letters and other documents with non-fixed layouts), the employees did the indexing directly from their desktop computers using preset criteria as well as open-text fields. As soon as the indexing was completed, the documents were filed and renamed appropriately using the powerful Laserfiche Workflow.

Apart from streamlining the office processes, we also hired igeeks to digitize most of our paper archives using Laserfiche.

Advantages and uses

The Laserfiche solution helped the users work more fluently instead of spending hours per day filing and retrieving paper documents. Before implementing Laserfiche, the invoice sorting and mailing procedure took about two days per week – with the help of Laserfiche it was done in a matter of hours.

The digitized archives were also a substantial advantage in the Jetix case. Not only users now have direct access to all archived documents from within the office, but by scanning and re-filing the paper according to a chronological number code. igeeks GmbH reduced the physical volume of the stored material by about 30 %, while nevertheless keeping the original documents perfectly retrievable. Overall, Laserfiche was the ideal solution for the paper-based organizational problems.

Products, solutions and Services

• LaserficheAvante
• Laserfiche Import Agent
• Laserfiche Quick Fields und Agent
• Laserfiche Web Access
• Laserfiche Audit Trail

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