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Thanks to your service, I’m more effective, as I can devote myself completely to my clothes without any IT worries. Whether it’s data traffic between the shops or external access to all kinds of documents, igeeks’ superb service is really impressive.

Cloud Server solution for Remote Desktop Services, POS and inventory management system

Making cashing-up quicker and easier: The cult Zurich fashion store SECHS:NEUN is up with the latest trends in merchandise management and collection too.

Initial Situation

The new POS and inventory management system needed an IT solution to match. Since the customer did not have adequate premises for optimum server operation, he decided in favour of a cloud server solution in Switzerland. It links the cash tills, scanners, receipt printers and printers at four locations to the entire system. All the staff need are computers with the Remote Desktop client to access the server.


  • Supply and set-up of computers and monitors for the POS systems
  • Configuration of secure connections (VPNs) between the locations and the igeeks cloud infrastructure
  • Configuration of Windows server for Remote Desktop Services with Microsoft Office
  • Set-up of Microsoft Office 365 with Exchange Online plan
  • Installation of POS and inventory management system by the supplier
  • Monitoring and update management of the servers to ensure flawless operation

Advantages and benefit

  • Efficient and simplified POS and inventory management thanks to central Cloud Server solution
  • Simple, centralised information exchange via Remote Desktop solution with Microsoft Office
  • Documents can be printed from the Cloud Server on all printers
  • Safeguarding of operations by monitoring the VPN connections and Cloud Servers


The latest fashion in Niederdorf: this was the vision behind the launch of out store in autumn 2005. With trendy brands and select clothing that also make a provocative statement, our business has grown from the youthful "The 69 Store" into a place where women and men can find fashionable apparel that matches their personality from head to toe.

Textile trade


Enterprise size
Number of employees: 8
Number of locations: 3
Number of users: 3