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Laserfiche 8 - DMS Software

Laserfiche 8 - DMS Software

Flexible storage

Duplication of the existing folder system, with a visible hierarchic folder structure out of interlaced indexes.

Copying folders from one index to another and accelerate the duplication from frequent used folder structures.

Profit from the Page-On-Demand-Technology - which storage scanned pictures into Page-TIFF-Datas- where only shown pages are saved and not whole documents, to conserve network resources.

Keep specific control over storage places from pictures and other large content datas.

Limit Storage monitoring and archive care through dynamic volumes, which are created automatically on basis of size limitation.

Enable users to restore wrongly deleted documents or folders from the recycle bin, before they are deleted completely from the storage.

Browser-based solutions

Implementation of fast and browser-based thin-client-solutions in the entire enterprise.

Activate without complicated programming the online access for employees, customers and purchaser to the document archive.

Profit from improved display function with faster zooming and improved oscillating tool.

Top-to-Bottom search function

More fluent and stronger automated search, through full integrated text extraction of all documents in your archive – such as scanned document, electronic documents like Adobe PDF or Microsoft office-documents and other binary files.

Profit from versatile, efficient search methods, such as full text-, metadata-, comment- and index searches.

Find all the needed information, through precise context lines, without searching through all the pages and divers documents.

Find spelling variants or wrong imported OCR texts using the “fuzzy logic” tool.

Save und download regularly used searches.

Copy pages or whole documents from the search search result.

Accelerate archive searches through a push button for quick searches in the tool bar.

Revised comment function

Insert drafts, handwritten notes and signatures in documents with the freehand-pencil-comment function.

Insert full colour pictures to documents with picture comments.

Insert text to scanned pictures with description fields and removable notes.

Link electronic documents to scanned pictures through comment attachments.

Save personal marks on the server, to secure the access from users, even if there signing in from another Client or over the internet.

Check former users using the removable note overiew..

Marking from individual comments as “protected” to avoid changes or deletions through other users.

Save information through confidential comments, which are only visible for the author.

Protection from unauthorised observers through blacking and hiding, as well as encryption from pictures and related texts.

Microsoft Office Integration

Directly import and file electronic documents with an option from Microsoft Office applications to Laserfiche.

Save and open documents over Microsoft-Office applications from the Laserfiche archive.

Scan through the Laserfiche archive with the windows explorer and open or save documents like on the desktop.

Send E-mails from Microsoft Outlook directly to Laserfiche archive.

Automatic creation from meta data’s for imported Microsoft Outlook E-Mails.

Save electronic documents direct from Microsoft or other third parties as TIFF-pictures, by using Snapshot 8-Pliug-in.

Insert link to start Microsoft applications direct on the Laserfiche Client overview.

Automation with Quick Fields

Raise quantity and accuracy from form processing procedures.

Through automation and time planning, scan and import printed or digital documents off-peak.

Immediately check the signing of forms, through optical marking detection (OMR).

Improve integrity of new information, through immediately validation and data exchange from CRM data’s or data’s from other software applications.

Fast process of documents, through automatic extraction from data’s out of bar codes, checks and user-specific areas.

Extract text from respectively fields to invoices, tax forms and reports.

Create document name via form data’s. Seize and determine fields in draft, to define where documents should be file in archive.

Simple manageable meta data's

Allocate various templates to one only field definition.

Allocate documents to special fields, independently from templates.

Use new field types – binary fields, time and number fields, which support integer and decimal values – to specific the information.

Save various data in one field and search all the data through multivalued fields.

Simple categorisation through Drop-down-menus.

Protect templates – definitions and data’s which are assigned to entries – to avoid manipulation.

Efficient workflow functions

Create simple or complex workflow-routing rules on graphic surfaces and chose out of a wide workflow actions.

Secure workflow integrity for forwarded documents, so they never vanish from the archive.

Allocate field data, comments and change secure access to archive documents – all out of one workflow.

Indicate search criteria to localise archive documents, which is processed through a workflow.

Specify routing to groups, tasks- and notification escalation, serial or parallel routing and conditional loops.

Expand workflow functions to all applications of the business division, using Windows workflow foundation activities.

Use Laserfiche offered workflow rules and adjusted functions, which can be downloaded from the code library.

Outstanding security function

Allocate access to Windows groups, by giving entitlement to users, groups or both of them.

Determinate access depth in file space – on a general folder, but not on his under folders.

Protect archive contents folder- or volume wise and restrict access to meta data’s and comments.

Determinate and limit protection access to data records.

Verify all interactions on the document archive or create occasions, which should be recorded according to groups or users.

Appeal users – using full audit trail function – to insert reasons for printing, E-Mails or document export, as well as insertion or water marks to authenticate printed documents.

Generate passwords for new users – using random principle – and block user’s after various fault tests and longer period of inactivity

About Laserfiche Solutions

• Since 1987 Laserfiche has been creating solutions exclusively for document management

• Over 40‘000 organizations and approximately 5 million users are using Laserfiche document management

• Laserfiche is used by authorities, Fortune-1000-companies, health organizations and financial service providers, SME’s and many more

• Laserfiche is independent of industries

• Laserfiche simplifies the management of documents and digitizes paper archives

• Workflows are optimized and automated

• Laserfiche offers secure exchange of information between establishments, business associates and clients