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Increase your efficiency and reduce your operation costs with a solid IT infrastructure. We are happy to support you in planning and delivering or optimizing your existing environment.

Apple: Mac Support

We advise you on the appropriate hardware and software. And of course in the development and expansion of your network, your Mac clients and Mac servers. On request we take care of the configuration of the software (e.g. Outlook for Mac). Also running Windows on the Mac is not a problem for us.

Apple: MDM

With MDM you can easily manage your iPhones and iPads without much effort. Without connecting the devices to a computer, you can apply password policies, configure mail, calendar, VPN access, wireless networks or deny access to e.g. Camera.

If your device got stolen or got lost: With MDM you can delete all the content on the device by internet. So you can make sure that no data falls into wrong hands.