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With the short space of time we have been working with igeeks, our trust has been confirmed: high availability and quick response times, coupled with a healthy pragmatism and a strongly solution-oriented approach, make the young, hard-working team an ideal hosting and first-level support partner. Moreover their expert knowledge of both Mac and Windows is beneficial for our working environment. With their forward-looking communication and customer-focused approach, I feel we are well advised.

Deployment of cloud servers, firewall and wireless LAN , maintenance and support

Trusted partner: igeeks operates the Manres cloud server infrastructure.

Initial situation

The existing server was to be replaced. Manres decide not to purchase any more hardware and opted for a cloud server solution. igeeks was responsible for the entire consultancy, installation of the servers and provision of all desired services (e.g. Active Directory) and the Exchange server.
A guest Wi-Fi system was also configured separate from the internal network.
igeeks is responsible for the systems management and support of the infrastructure (including clients).


  • Supply and set-up of computers and monitors
  • Configuration of secure connections (VPNs) between the locations and the igeeks cloud infrastructure
  • Configuration of secure client VPN connection for external access
  • Provision of Windows server with Active Directory, file services, web services
  • Configuration of Exchange server
  • Server System Management
  • Provision of client support (Windows and Mac)

Advantages and benefit

  • Central file storage
  • Use of Abacus software in the cloud
  • Company has complete control of their own Exchange server
  • Windows and Mac expertise
  • On-site support

About Manres

Manres supports corporate transformation processes with pioneering spirit, presence and proficiency. The goal of the transformation is to create a fulfilling high-performance culture rooted in the core of the person. Manres' clients are people who bear the overall responsibility for companies and know that important developments for businesses originate with people and can only be successfully implemented with people.



Enterprise size
Number of employees: 20
Number of locations: 3
Number of users: 20