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igeeks successfully supported us to plan, install and configure our complete IT infrastructure. Their expertise, professional and uncomplicated manner, their creative approach to problem solving and the very fast reaction time were of great value for our young startup. igeeks familiarized very easily with our requirement for a flexible setup and fully incorporated them into our IT solution.

Planing and Deployment of a new IT Infrastructure

Initial Position

MoneyPark needed a new IT infrastructure at their new office. The IT infrastructure was initially planned to serve about 30 employees but should be easily scalable.


igeeks planned and deployed the IT infrastructure in coorporation with MoneyPark. For the authentication and authorization of users in the system an Active Directory infrastructure based on
Windows Server 2008 R2 was implemented. The efficient administration of printers and folder releases were realized through the usage of group directives. Hyper-V platform was chosen for the server virtualization of the telephone management system, the Windows Update Services and the Trend Micro Anti-Virus management console. The clients are deployed automatically with Windows Deployment Services. Windows Server Backup garantees a cost efficient backup of the entire Windows Server platform without the need for any third party software. On site support is carried out by a MoneyPark employee. However, igeeks still assists MoneyPark with further project and with second and third level support.

Advantages and uses

• Automated deployment of desktops and users
• Scalable infrastructure
• External IT support through igeeks allows for a lean internal IT department

Products, Solutions and Services

• HP Client and Server Hardware
• Cisco Switches
• Fortinet Security Appliance
• Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V
• Windows 7
• Trend Micro Anti-Virus

About MoneyPark AG

MoneyPark is an young, FINMA accredited Swiss financial advisor which focuses on mortgages and investments. MoneyPark does not have own products to sell, it focus solely on advising its clients. Hence, it offers financial advisory independent of a product provider on a purely fee-based and independent of volume. Therefore, MoneyPark is free of conflict of interest. MoneyPark can provide Switzerland's widest range of financial producuts, including Switzerland's largest mortgage network. The consequent application of sophisticated analysis tools and its in-depth market knowledge allows MoneyPark to offer the best products to meet customers needs. Absolutely transparent, comprehensible and honest.


EU, Switzerland

Enterprise size
Number of employees: >60
Number of locations: 4
Number of users: >60