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As someone responsible for a subsidiary of an international group, security, professionalism and trust in our external partners have top priority. Especially when it comes to IT, we depend on totally reliable and trustworthy partners. Complex requirements, pre-defined processes, being part an international IT environment, continuous modifications and flexible and fast support for IT problems – igeeks is able to cover the entire spectrum of services that we need.

Backup solution, IT infrastructure maintenance and support

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Initial situation

The existing backup infrastructure needed to be renewed. A large amount of data had to be secured and 10 years' worth stored externally on the relevant media. The ability to recover recently deleted data quickly was required. A solution with more storage space for the existing archives needed to be developed. The backup management and maintenance of the Windows server had to be guaranteed.


  • Development of backup concept
  • Provision of backup server for disk-to-disk backup with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager
  • Migration of the archive to the backup server
  • Operational start-up of a tape library for long-term archiving
  • Management of the backup and Windows server infrastructure

Advantages and benefits

  • Fast data recovery through disk-to-disk backup
  • Increased date security through off-site tape backups
  • Outsourcing of server management and support

About OgilvyOne

OgilvyOne is the world's leading network for direct and relationship marketing and has been one of Switzerland's best establishes and most renowned direct marketing agencies for more than ten years. We design form and content for direct communications which support brand management, strengthen customer relations and boost the sale of products and services - bot online and offline. We additionally provide interactive media expertise through OgilvyInteractive, Neo@Ogilvy and Social@Ogilvy, which are part of the OgilvyOne offering.



Enterprise size
Number of employees: >20
Number of locations: 1
Number of users: >20