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Wiegand has worked with igeeks for many years. What I most appreciate is the uncomplicated relationship and the constant availability of our IT partner: they’re always there when we need them.

Hybrid Cloud solution for Exchange, Active Directory and Web Services

The best recipe to ensure that patients lack nothing: Wiegand AG relies on international partners and the best connections – in IT too

Initial Situation

The basic services of Wiegand IT include Exchange and Active Directory. To ensure operational reliability, data security and data privacy at all times, in 2013 the company decided to host these central services with igeeks. Wiegand themselves develop standard software for customers, working with external partners, many of whom are in Vietnam. For the exchange from continent to continent to work well, the data must always be available and secure. This is why Wiegand decided to move the required web servers to the igeeks cloud.


  • Configuration of a secure, encrypted VPN connection between the igeeks cloud and the company network
  • Installation of a Windows Server for the required service
  • Set-up and launch of the additional domain controller
  • Migration of the existing Exchange server to the igeeks cloud
  • Implementation of a backup strategy for up to 10 years of e-mails
  • Monitoring and update management of the servers for secure and flawless operation

Advantages and benefits

  • High availability of business-critical services
  • High-speed internet connection of 1 Gbit/s for web services
  • System management of the Exchange server, requires no internal know-how
  • 24/7 monitoring of Windows server infrastructure and Microsoft Services

About Wiegand AG

Whether in hospitals or homes, in pharmacies or central stores: anywehere where medication, medical aids and consumables are stored and transported, managed and distributed, the solutions by Wiegand AG make a valuable contribution. Launched in 1968 as a manufacturer of small daily dispensers for the distribution of medication, today the company is an acknowledged specialist for medication management and hospital logistics in over 20 centuries - supported by an IT infrastructure that works as reliably as it does securely and is also open to external partners.

Medical technology


Enterprise size
Number of employees: >50
Number of locations: 2
Number of users: >50