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Cloud Server

Cloud Server

We specialize in hosting highly available, virtual Windows servers. We plan the virtual server structure with you before initializing it.

Microsoft licenses are billed on a monthly basis so that you only pay for the licenses that you actually need. And you’ll have access to the very latest software.

Typical areas of application for virtual servers include Remote Desktop Services servers, Web servers, database servers, mail servers, extensions of a company’s own IT infrastructure and partial or complete outsourcing of your server infrastructure, to name just a few.

There are many advantages to using a virtual server, for example, no hardware is needed, the environment can be easily adapted to meet your needs and you don’t have to worry about administration for your infrastructure if you don’t want to.

Configure Cloud Server Personal details Summary
Configure product Costs per month
vCPU ? The number of vCPUs (virtual CPUs) indicates how many of the available threads of the physical processor can be used by each virtual server.
Memory ? The memory (RAM), which is guaranteed for the cloud servers amount of memory (RAM) of the host system.
2 GB
Storage space ? The virtual servers are located on a storage cluster. By Storage Clustering Single Points of Failure (SPOF) are eliminated, even if an entire node fails.
50 GB
System backup ? Full server backup.

Operating System ? The cloud servers are deployed with the latest Windows Server operating system. Other operating systems are available on request.
Windows Server 2016
System Management ? Includes Windows Updates installation, health check (PING, disk space, 5 services, event log, antivirus)
Highly available ?If one physical host fails the virtual server starts automatically on another host in the cluster.
1 Gbit/s
Transfer volume ?The data traffic is included, the consumption is based on the "fair use" principle, that is a reasonable use of the data traffic.
Unlimited (Fair Use)
Own IP address
Setup ? Includes the basic installation of the virtual server operating system.
Server location ? The Cloud Server data is stored exclusively in Switzerland.
Zurich, Switzerland
Minimum term of contract
3 Months
Total costs excl. VAT
Personal details
Contact details
First name
Last name
Mobile phone
Costs per month
vCPU 10.00
Memory 20.00
Storage space 57.50
System backup 30.00
Operating System 14.00
System Management 90.00
Total costs excl. VAT 221.50
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